Erin Brockovich is known for her involvement in one of the largest direct lawsuits in America.

Consumer advocate and environmentalist Erin Brockovich was born in Kansas in 1960. In 1992, when Brockovich was working as a document clerk at a law office in Los Angeles, he discovered the documents, which eventually led more than 600 Hinckley, California residents to file a lawsuit against the utility. Large PG&E. The $333 million settlement they received was the largest settlement in American history.

Important dates

  • June 22, 1960: Erin Brockovich was born in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • 1980:graduated from Associate of Applied Arts Bachelor’s degree.
  • 1931: arrival in Berlin where she will appear in several movies and an advertising campaign
  • 1993: Brockovich finally found evidence that a large number of diseases there are related to the factory
  • 1996: the case was settled for $333 million

If you follow your heart, if you listen to your gut, and if you extend your hand to help another, not for any agenda, but for the sake of humanity, you are going to find the truth.

 Consumer advocate and environmentalist Erin Brockovich was born in Erin Pattee, Lawrence, Kansas on June 22, 1960. She is the youngest of four children, and she grew up in a close middle-class family. Her father is an industrial engineer and her mother is a journalist. Erin was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was young and was not a particularly good student. After graduating from high school in 1978, Irene briefly studied at Kansas State University, then transferred to Miss Wade’s Fashion Merchandise College (now Wade College) in Dallas, Texas, and graduated from Associate of Applied Arts in 1980. Bachelor’s degree.Ecstasy, she managed to become one of the world’s most innovative women.

TSoon after the divorce, Brockovich had a serious car accident and had to undergo neck surgery. She then moved to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, where she was referred to the law office Masry & Vititoe by a friend and hired her to handle the accident on her behalf. In the end, Brokovich was awarded a small settlement, but not enough to support her family. Feeling sorry for her, in 1992, the lawyer Ed Masry (Ed Masry) provided her with the company’s paperwork. One day, while filing documents for a real estate case involving the utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Brokovic noticed that the documents included blood samples. Raising suspicion, she asked Masri to allow further investigation of the matter. During a subsequent visit to the California desert town of Hinkley, Brockovich finally found evidence that a large number of diseases there are related to high levels of hexavalent chromium in drinking water. When the pollution finally traced back to the PG&E compressor station in Hinckley, in 1993, more than 600 residents of the town hired Masry & Vititoe to represent them. After signs surfaced in the trial that PG&E had realized and tried to cover up the pollution, the case was settled for $333 million in 1996, the largest of its kind in American history. In bringing the case to the company, Brockovich charged a fee of $2.5 million. But the publicity of the case also brought Brokovic to the attention of Danny DeVito’s production company Jersey Films (Jersey Films), which bought Brokovy in 1995. The copyright of the odd story. Brokovic later married Eric Ellis in 1999, and Ellis finally filed for divorce more than ten years later.