Mentoring programs

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is an enriching approach for both mentors and mentees. It creates a healthy relationship, ensuring empowerment and improving leadership and self-confidence.

Often, mentoring programs are created within an organization so that juniors can benefit from those with more experience. Experience, expertise and mastering are necessary to understand the rules and best practices in any organization, whether it’s a corporation or… society at large!

Our vision

At Womentoring, we believe human relationships are at the heart of any change and innovation. With the fast evolutions of our modern world, young people as well as more experienced ones need to keep up with the pace, adapting to an ever-increasing demand for strongly motivated, well-trained and high-skilled profiles.

Our programs have been designed to create an international, dynamic and sustainable network of like-minded people. Today’s mentors might be tomorrow’s mentees and today’s mentees might be tomorrow’s mentors, a virtuous circle of empowerment.

Women-led programs for more inclusion

Observation n°1

We started from a first observation: in the professional world, women are under-represented in management positions, they seldom access the C-suite and usually struggle to build a successful career. Moreover, a gender-biased education has taught them – and us all! – that women must choose between a career and a family, that the business world is not meant for them, that they are not suited for leadership.

Observation N°2

A second observation brings up the beginning of a reason for that: women lack female role-models. Many women participated in creating the world we live in: scientists, philosophers, innovators, opinion leaders… But while men are featured in the medias, history books and trust the most important conferences, women remain silent. We are confident placing those amazing women on the center stage will create new types of role-models, female role-models, that can inspire us all!

Our specificity

Focusing on the individual, we bet on worldwide collaboration among people aiming to change the world they live in and promote diversity and inclusion. For this reason, we have created programs designed for all, no matter the gender, the culture, the age or the country. The specificity of those programs? All mentors are women, to close the gender gap and promote more inclusion and equality.


Onboarding men is necessary to create a more equal world, but if they can’t relate to strong women, if they don’t get inspired by them, things will never change. Our mentoring programs aim to create the opportunity for each and every one to be inspired by great women and spread the news: women too can be role-models!

How does it work?


We recruit mentors and mentees all around the world with one concern: enroll highly motivated profiles who want to make a difference. Commitment to the program is essential as mentoring is a one-to-one relationship that cannot exist if both participants don’t play the game.

Matching process

Every application is carefully analyzed, and we sometimes ask for further detail to identify each participant’s motivations, expectations and availability. Occasionally, pairing is obvious, but it can also take more time to find the right profile combination. We rather have pending applications than match the wrong people.

Let’s go!

Once the matching process is done, we introduce mentor and mentee to each other and give them the general guidelines of a successful mentorship. We also set several follow-ups with both participants to ensure they are on the same page and receive mutual support and respect.

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