Embrace digital!

With the fast development of technologies and the increasing need to keep up with the arrival of new tools, it is more important than ever to understand the digital environment. While digital natives seem to have embraced tech at large, their peers often need to adapt.

Reverse mentoring is meant to invert roles: younger profiles, who are digital natives, help senior profiles get digital at their own pace, providing them with useful advice and tips to make the most of the world surrounding them.

Changing the paradigm

Our Reverse Mentoring program offers digital natives the possibility to help less digital-savvy mentees onboard the digital rocket. The purpose is to provide useful tips and tricks as well as lead them to digital awareness through an enriching relationship.

Bridging the generation gap

Since the beginning of the world wide web, it has been considered directed towards the younger generations. However, the beauty of the digital is that it is designed for all. Social media, augmented reality and artificial intelligence impact us all, whatever the age or education. Because they master the digital uses and behaviors, know how to protect their data and privacy, digital natives can bring their elders to the digital era.

With a little help from my peers

At a time when smartphones have become the most intimate objects we have, when homes and cities get smart and a growing share of business is virtual, it is no longer possible to pretend we can avoid new techs. Mentors make it easier to adopt the digital tools and get comfortable using them daily. It also gives them the opportunity to benefit from their mentor’s experience.

Never stop learning!

Focus on baby steps

Acquiring new skills can be a challenge, especially when those skills seem to be “natural” for the others. Our Reverse Mentoring program is focusing on giving useful advice on the new technologies and simplifying their use, making them as accessible as can be.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are selected for their strong mastering of the digital world and their will to share their skills with people who are not as tech-savvy as they are. Some are very young, other… less… but all have extreme patience and a well-developed talent for transmission.

Empathy and patience

Reverse mentoring requires a lot of listening and a certain talent for creating a parallel between digital and real-life tools and concepts. This type of mentorship relies on the possibility to express one’s questions without fear of being mocked. We encourage mentors and mentees to keep an open mind.

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