Become the leader you deserve to be!

Everyone can be a leader but not everyone knows how. Old school common beliefs are widely shared and need to be replaced by more modern ones founded on inclusion, diversity, equality of chances and respect.

A great mentor can help embrace new destinies
and achieve both personal and professional goals. Our world has evolved and people now value sense more than money or power. The right mentor can lead to more balance in one’s life.

Boosting talent

Our Leadership Mentoring program is a traditional program: a more experienced woman will provide feedback and advice to someone earlier in their career. This program is designed to empower mentees and help them acquire the needful skills to become great leaders.

Breaking the glass ceiling

The professional ladder is harder to climb for some of us: shyness, lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, life choices, but also competitive environments, all participate in this phenomenon. By sharing personal experiences, ups and downs and trustful advice, the mentor supports the mentee in achieving her own goals, whether personal or professional.

With a little help from my peers

Sometimes, all what it takes is a simple trigger. A good word, an unexpected event or a warm encouragement can make a big difference. Mentors provide unique insights, feedback and advice, creating opportunities and opening new horizons.

Unleash your leading power!

Focus on soft skills

Mentorship is designed to help mentees achieve their goals and succeed in becoming who they want to be. Our Leadership Mentoring program is focusing on empowering people by developing their self-confidence and the soft skills necessary to be a good leader.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are selected for their exceptional background: professional, personal, ethical… Some are successful entrepreneurs, others have reached top management or made bold decisions to follow their own path. There is no typical profile, only enthusiast volunteers wanting to share what they have.

Trust and confidentiality

The foundation of a successful mentorship is the possibility to share very personal information without fear, especially in professional environments. We encourage mentors and mentees to respect confidentiality and commit not to share any information with third parties.


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