Building a world of inclusion and diversity

Who are we?

Womentoring is an independant organization supported by people who strongly believe inclusion and diversity are the secret to more equality and better success for all.

Today, everywhere, actions are taken: men, women, teenagers, fight a more inclusive world, respectful of everyone’s identity, no matter their gender, ethnics or cultural beliefs.

Womentoring gathers professionals and young people of all countries who want to see change.




Our purpose

We believe sharing our skills, knowledge and experience is the best way to reach more equality and share good practices across countries, industries and cultures. 

We have bet on mentoring:

  • It is not education though it helps acquiring new skills
  • It is not coaching but is founded on a one-to-one relationship
  • It is not a a secret recipe but it has amazing results


Our values


 We’re never tired of discovering new concepts, ideas or innovations. As a matter of fact, we try to keep up with most trends and are more than happy when someone brings up a new one.


Having set ideas is something we try to ignore – as much as possible – as we are convinced we have to change our minds and habits to evolve and be creative. Most of all, we avoid all prejudice. Come as you are!


“Take a mile in my shoes”… This could be our motto as we always put the people and relationships before the rest. No empowerment is possible without focusing on the people, their needs and expectations.


Direct cousin to enthusiasm, optimism is our little secret recipe to fight gloomy news and depressing stats. We keep on thinking we can help bring change to our environment, altogether: us, you, and you, and you, and…


Call it motivation, energy or even good spirit, we like to call it enthusiasm. Having fun in what we do and always looking on the bright side are the best ways we know to climb mountains and make things happen. 


We’re addressing complicated situations, some of which can hurt people. For this reason, we founded all our programs and events on trust. So that everyone can express themselves and feel safe about their opinions.

Our actions

Mentoring programs

We develop specific mentoring programs led by women. They address everyone, no matter the gender, the age, the position, the skin color, the culture or religion… 

Inclusion is our keyword!

enpowering events

Womenpowerment are events organized around the globe to make people meet in a confidential atmosphere. Share thoughts and not only business cards.

Nurture your mind!